An Update for the New Year

2023 is upon us.

Last year, I decided to finish the sequel to Grey File early in the year. Progress was moving a little slower than I liked coming into December, and I was finding it easier to put off writing. That’s never a good sign.

Being a self-published writer, I don’t have an agent or a publisher pushing me to produce. To create a sense of urgency, I’ve given myself a deadline of Saint Patrick’s day, Friday, March 17th. If available, I will also attempt to plan a Railport Brewery book signing for that weekend.

I will look pretty dumb having a book release party if I don’t have a book done. So between now and then, I’m going pedal to the metal.

The good news is that my plan is working. For example, today, I finished drafting my 12th chapter. I also have a defined idea for cover art. I have a working title that I’ll share at some point in the future.

That leaves me with the final part of my update. Over Christmas, “The Stars at Knight” consistently bounced around in the ratings for “Occult Fiction,” and it has 39 reviews. From an Amazon analytics standpoint, it’s been doing as well as I could ask because it’s the lead book for the series.

Grey File has four reviews and has yet to really get moving, which is fine. Catching people’s attention during Christmas is a mean feat.

However, if you’ve read any of my books, leaving a review is incredibly appreciated and valuable for me. It’s the perfect present for any author you know.

I’ll leave on that note, but please have fun, be safe and have a happy new year!


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