“I’m trying to put a little bit of a rhythm to this discussion so that you have a chance to chew on it because believe me there is a whole lot of gristle in this bite of steak.” ~ Stewart Thurmond

What’s in a name?

One hundred twenty-five thousand, two hundred fifty-eight words. That’s where my first draft of the final book has ended. At times, the words flowed across the page faster than I could type them. At other moments, they didn’t flow at all. What started as an effort to keep a great D&D idea alive has led … Continue reading What’s in a name?


The fourth book of the “Sons of Texas” series has been underway for quite some time. There was a substantial break in development as my family moved across town to our new home. We’re settled in, and life is progressing at a unique pace as we find our equilibrium. Overall, I believe that each member … Continue reading Progress

The spoken word

Kingman Brewster, Jr., former President of Yale and Ambassador to St. James, is quoted as saying, “While the spoken word can travel faster, you can’t take it home in your hand. Only the written word can be absorbed wholly at the convenience of the reader.” Well, I can say that technology has made that statement … Continue reading The spoken word

It’s almost been a year

It’s almost been a year since I released my first book. I noticed that yesterday when I was looking at all of my Amazon metrics. So, what have we accomplished in a year together? For “The Stars at Knight,” Amazon provides genre metrics for each format. On Kindle, which is the most expansive and most … Continue reading It’s almost been a year

“One more Silver Dollar”

It brings me great happiness to announce that the third book of my “Sons of Texas” series is complete. Both the eBook and the paperback are available on Amazon. “One More Silver Dollar” picks up a few days after the events of “Dark Jury” and follows the consequences of the Knight’s actions in the last … Continue reading “One more Silver Dollar”


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