An April Update

Spring has roared into my life with a vengeance. My family has had many distractions that have derailed my best intentions, and yet I still come before you bearing good news.

First, the manuscript for “Grey Betrayal” is currently being reviewed by my trusted and respected beta-readers. The initial word I’ve received from them is that reading and reviewing have been causing delays in other important things they have to do. While that is tough on them, it’s music to my ears. Hopefully, it’s a good sign that the text has sucked them in. With that in mind, a May release date is still my target.

Secondly, on the topic of Grey File, it seems that I can now add the qualifier “Award Winning” to my self-appointed title of “Author.” BookFest has awarded me a silver medal in the “Sci-Fi – Crime and Mystery” category. I am flattered and would like to dedicate this to those that have encouraged and supported me. I appreciate you very much.

With that being said, I’ll get back to work. Thank you, yet again.


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