Future Projects

I have a few projects in the hopper, but here are the ones I can talk about.

After releasing Grey File, I started work on the sequel. As always, life has plenty of distractions getting in my way when I try to write. As a result, I’ve set myself a deadline. I will have the sequel to Grey File released at or before, St. Patrick’s Day.

I’ve reached out to a very talented long-time friend, and he has agreed to join me in writing a play. Details of the play are limited at the moment, but we can tell you that it will be a comedy. The collaboration for this play isn’t dead, but I’m going to have to change my structure to pull it across the finish line. Fingers crossed.

Third, in a moment of weakness, I may have worked on ideas for a Young Adult book with my fourth son. Also, there was some script editing for my collegiate son. Other sundry things may have happened, like dabling in AI art.

Regardless, Thank you for your interest and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming novel this summer.

Remember the Alamo,

Rob Bartley