Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim…Fire!

Today I sent out query emails. The agents I targeted are some of the people that brought us some of my favorite authors. Did I bite off more than I can chew? Probably. Am I worried about that? Not even a little. I’m a firm believer in the logic of aligning yourself with people smarter than you and I’ll tell you a secret: All of them are.

Most people don’t realize that knowledge is situational. In some cases it’s even geographic. The smartest heart surgeon is the dumbest bushman if you drop him off in the middle of the outback. So my solution is find the person that has wins already on the board. I’m a noob at this but I’m old enough that I don’t gain any particular joy from making rookie mistakes. For that reason, I’ve sent the emails and now I’m putting this thing in ‘brisket mode.’ You put in the smoker, and you let it cook slow and low. No reason to rush it.

Besides, in the meantime, that means I can get back to writing on book two. That makes me happy. I have a few cool ideas.


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