Hi there. Since I have your attention at the moment, I’d like to share my favorite quote. It’s by Will Rodgers. He has a lot of heaters but this one is my favorite. It goes like this:

“There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

Depending on the day, I’ve been all three. Still, if you found my site because I’ve been advertising my new book, “The Stars At Knight”, it’s nice to be able to give you an idea of what to expect.

I’m what people in Texas tend to call “a character.” In this State, that’s not a hard thing to become. There’s something about living here that gives you a little more room to run the direction you want than everywhere else seems to give you. Here you’re encouraged to be bigger than life. For good or ill, we’ll hold your beer for you while you go try your hardest and say “Bless your Heart” if it doesn’t work out.

Aside from information about my upcoming book, my intention is to use this space to write about Texas, to share it’s history, to focus on it’s people, teach about it’s food, and share it’s culture. So “Welcome, neighbor.” Drop by anytime. Mi casa es su casa.

~ Rob Bartley


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