I went to far away places

I spent the last week experiencing some of the flavor of the USA. We loaded up my wife’s car with 4 of the boys, and hit the highways.

Our first stop was a bathroom break a mere 10 minutes from the house. It was an foretelling event because one does not travel with 4 children, and expect to “make time.” From there, we made our way through East Texas, and the tall pines that stand sentinel along I-20, to the woods, and waterways, of Northern Louisiana. We crossed the Kudzu covered fields of Mississippi, and drove the twisting back roads of Alabama. We experienced the storms of the coast, and we drove past the broken tree lined roads of Florida on our way to Panama City.

As of today, I am back home. I hope to spend some of my remaining time writing on the second book. It was a gift to be able to travel there and back again, but there’s no place quite like Texas.

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