It’s almost been a year

It’s almost been a year since I released my first book. I noticed that yesterday when I was looking at all of my Amazon metrics. So, what have we accomplished in a year together?

For “The Stars at Knight,” Amazon provides genre metrics for each format. On Kindle, which is the most expansive and most arduous format to compete in because it bears no actual cost to publishing, we’re # 8,363 in “Occult Horror” books and # 13,292 in “Occult Fiction.” Paperback format, from what I’ve read, is considered the most traditional standard. For paperback, we’re rated #15,594 in Occult Fiction. Considering that this group includes my book of less than one year’s age competing with “IT” by Stephen King, I’m stoked. In audiobooks, which is its own animal, we have a smaller field of books to compete with because it costs the author money to produce them. As a result, we’re rated #1,491 in Occult Fiction and, impressively, #3,124 in Urban Fiction.

The best part, however, is the reviews. On Amazon, the book holds a 4.9 out of 5 stars with 11 reviews. That makes such a big difference because the 11 reviews move you up in Amazon’s placement algorithm for “products like this.” On Audible, the book has eight reviews with a 4.4 out of 5-star rating. On Goodreads, I have 12 reviews and a 4.08 rating. Finally, we had an unexpected article where we were selected for their “Best Occult Urban Fantasy Books To Work Your Imagination Out.”

You are, of course, welcome to view any of the metrics for “Dark Jury” or “One More Silver Dollar” on their respective Amazon or Goodreads pages. I didn’t want to drag out the post by giving them here, but I can proudly say that we’re doing well on both of them. However, I do want to say how impressed I am because, as an Author, “The Stars at Knight” is my first and weakest work.

I recognize that there are problems with my first book because I wasn’t writing for the reader. I was writing for myself, and too much of what I wrote was to show off so that anyone who read it would say, “Oh, that’s a neat phrase” or “Wow, he really knows that topic” or “what a fun idea.” It wasn’t until later in the book that I focused on the story and characters in the way that I now feel I should. Despite this, many of you fought past a first chapter full of oil and gas terminology because you wanted to hear more about the old cowboy that shot chupacabras.* I appreciate that because the undeserved encouragement has given me the time and space to get focused and write better. Thank you for you patience and I look forward to rewarding it.

So, as we close in on year one from the release of my first book, I wanted to say thank you for your support. We’ve got some great metrics for a first-time author on the board. We have two more books in the wild that carry the banner well. Finally, I’m four chapters in the writing process to the final book of this series. Of course, if any of you want to write a review, post about my books or recommend them, please do. Finally, I need to speak to my local brewer and see if I can arrange another book signing at Railport. I enjoyed the last one immensely.

Remember the Alamo,


  • – Interestingly, I have a few friends that want an entire book of “chapter one style” oil and gas stories. Who knows?”

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