“One more Silver Dollar”

It brings me great happiness to announce that the third book of my “Sons of Texas” series is complete.

Both the eBook and the paperback are available on Amazon.

“One More Silver Dollar” picks up a few days after the events of “Dark Jury” and follows the consequences of the Knight’s actions in the last book. In addition to facing the immediate effect of his actions, Mason and his allies find themselves encircled with adversity on all sides. Otherworldly and ageless Evils mix with Texas history in a conflict that threatens more than the Knights may be able to protect. Can Mason and the Knights rally to save the people as he struggles to save himself? The answers lie ahead.

I want to take a moment to thank my beta-readers for their time and their notes as I worked on the book. The additional perspectives and questions helped me sharpen the story and gave me creative springboards that helped immensely. Their editing and corrections helped keep the story tighter and focused. Their encouragement fueled me past the storms and the windless days on the creative sea. Thank you.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone that took a chance on my books and read one. You took a chance on me and gave me the most valuable commodity a person could ask for your time. In return, I hope that you enjoy this newest installment in the series.


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