My first public event and a few bits of news

A week ago, I was able to have my first book signing. Rolling into Railport Brewing an hour before they opened, the wife and I were excited about the chance to meet up with friends and new people. Part of that excitement is all of the things I have in the works.

For example, the Audiobook for “Dark Jury” has now been completed. The files are in the final checks by the onboarding company I use, and as soon as they get the green light, the audiobook will go live. Toby did an incredible job again, and the performative qualities he brings to the story are making me fall in love with the audio format. I’m very excited about the project, and I hope we can get it rolling soon.

Additionally, the artwork for my 3rd book has come in. What do you think?

Finally, the editing and test reading for “One more Silver Dollar” is progressing nicely. The reports I’m received back so far have been positive. Fans can expect more excitement to surface in Mason’s life as troubles begin to find him. No one ever said that being a Knight was easy.

Ideally, I’ll be able to release the book later this month, but we have a lot going on right now, to be honest. It’s good things, but good things still take up bandwidth. Good things still take up time. So, as I bring this update to an end, let me wish good things for each of you and the bandwidth to enjoy them.


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