The Journey of miles

I’ve always liked the line by Lao Tzu that said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” It reminds me that often it’s the little things that add up to the sum of their being. It’s reassuring in that it makes the impossible reducible to the things we can do. With this in mind, I have passed two more mileposts in my journey.

The first is that yesterday I finished the rough draft of my third book. Some rough patches will need some sanding before I trust my poor test readers with it, but I feel that it’s a good tale. It shows promise, and I look forward to seeing how polished I can make it. It also has a name that I will share in public for the first time. My third book in “The Sons of Texas” series will be called “One more Silver Dollar.”

For those who have read “Dark Jury,” the double meaning is evident. I have some exciting news for those that haven’t because my second milepost is that I have successfully negotiated with the talented Toby Tomplay to do the audiobook recording for “Dark Jury.” I learned during the first audiobook that the process is mercurial, but the good news that it has begun.

Finally, there has been a bit of personal chaos going on in my life. I know that for a lot of you, things are going on, as well. As a result, I want to take a moment and tell you “thank you.” For those who have given me support, taken a chance on writing, or shared a kind word, please know that it’s appreciated. I’m excited that Covid is beginning to wane, and I wanted to announce my final milepost for this update.

I will be doing a book signing on April 24th in Waxahachie, Texas, at my favorite brewery: Rail Port Brewing. I’ll be there between 2 pm to 8ish. It’s a favorite of mine; they have a great food truck on-site, the live music that day is a banger, and I’m personally welcoming you to come down and try some epic brews. I’ll have had my first shot by then, so between my Covid anti-bodies and modern medicine, we can finally share some high-fives, bro-fists, and handshakes. 


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