Happy new year

2020 was somewhat challenging, but it allowed me to start writing, and for that, I am grateful. I wanted to let you know that with the first two books of my “Son’s of Texas” series released in paperback, ebook, and even audiobook, I’ve been relatively happy with my progress.

Today, I spent time working on Chapter 11 of the third, and yet to be named, novel in the series. The ideas have been flowing, and I’m enjoying where the story has been taking me. I believe that targeting my birthday, May 25th, for a release seems reasonable. Of course, if I hit a very productive streak, I hope to beat that date.

In the meantime, please continue to review the books and talk about them among your peers. In the end, you readers who have read the books know best the people you know that would enjoy them. For my part, I will do my best to help grow that audience, but I am very aware that I owe so much more than I can repay to those of you who have read the stories and helped along the way.

So, let me bid you all a very fruitful and remarkable 2021. Hopefully, it will include meaningful moments for you and yours.


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