The “Dark Jury” is now available for pre-order

Not every Evil defeated in Texas’ dark history has stayed Dead.

Evil forces have amassed and are making their moves against the Knights of Texas. Mason Richardson, the newest protector, appointed by the Spirit of Texas, is once again pulled into a maze of intrigue and deceptions as his enemy’s motivations to use or destroy the new Knight clash. Still learning his powers, partners, and the path he must tread, Mason will be plunged into harm’s way to save an innocent girl. Opposing an evil plot that has been building for nearly 200 years, Mason will be forced to discover if he can navigate the webs of deception, protect those closest to him, and save Texas from its dark past.

Is the enemy of my enemy, my friend, or my enemy? Mason is about to find out.”

The newest instalment of the “Sons of Texas” series is now available for Pre-Order for Amazon Kindle and will be released on Black Friday. Paper back fans won’t be able to pre-order due to some weirdness with how Amazon handles their authors but it should be available to order later the same day.


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