Sometimes progress is measured in microns

One of the things I enjoy about the human condition is the fact that we are driven to pursue progress. Even something comfortable and entertaining becomes dull and predictable after enough time. If you disagree, I suggest that you let a 3-year-old pick the number of times you’ll listen to “Baby Shark” in a row. After all, it’s for science.

So, returning to my point, the purpose of this message is to update my progress. Let’s begin with the audiobook. The audiobook has been completed, and the files are in the final stages of approval. I’m marketing this through a company called ACX. They’ll set the price on the book, and they’ll place it at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

I’m looking forward to this because the work that Toby Tomplay did brings a new wrinkle and richness to the story. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I’m hoping to collaborate with him again in the future. You can check out what other mirth and merriment he’s involved in here. 

Second, let me share that my second book’s work has been progressing as I have turned copies of my book over to a few test readers. The input so far is that everyone considered it a page-turner. I feel that my writing ability has progressed from the first book, but I’m more excited about the story and the characters. Based on input, I’ll have some things to tighten up, but “Dark Jury” is closing in on completion.

Finally, I wanted to give a little preview of what to expect from “Dark Jury.” As I told you, I hate spoilers, so I won’t be providing any of those, but I will give you something to consider. Theories and rumors are allowed, but I’m leaving the cover art here for your inspection. I used the same artist that did the first cover for me, and once again, she knocked it out of the park. So, hang in there. Please read, review, and promote my book. In return, I’m working on giving you a story worth reading. God bless, you all


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